Friday, October 16, 2009

Abby's Reflection Entry

Abby's teacher made the Reflections an assignment this year....the theme is "Beautiful". So she took the camera outside the other day after it had been raining and took this picture of one of our roses in front of our house. I don't know if you can see the little rain drops on the flower but it truly is a "beautiful" picture. I told her that she did a great job!

Kyler and Mia at Dinosaur Park

I took Kyler and Mia up to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. Kyler had never been there before and he thought he had died and gone to Heaven. He had soooo much fun just running every where and seeing the different dinosaurs. He LOVED the pictures with the face cutouts...we had to take a picture in every one of them. It was fun to see both the kids have such a great time. Kyler keeps talking about going back.

First Day of PRESCHOOL -- for Kyler is Kyler's turn to have his "first day of school." He was so excited to go see Miss Bonnie and start going to school like the other kids. He loves school, but he really likes being home with me during the day when it is quiet and the other kids are gone. There are times when the kids have had a break from school that he will come up and ask me when the kids are going back to school. He is my bud and I love having him around...I can't believe that he will be turning 5 in a week!!!

Notice his name tag on the table...he isn't really happy about that situation. He would rather have a little bit more freedom and be able to choose where he sits. That is one thing that he brings up a lot..."I sure wish that I could choose my own seat". Lesson learned: Life goes on!!!


Yes, I am getting around to posting the "first day of school" pictures. Yes, I am well aware of the fact that the first quarter of school is almost over!!! But I thought it would be fun to post these pictures. Zeth wouldn't let me follow him to the bus stop to snap some shots while he was getting on, and I only wanted one of him waving out the window at that too much to ask?!? Kyler has to wait another week before he goes to preschool...but he did say, "hey take a picture of me!" ... how can you not??? He makes me laugh.

My kids are growing up!!!

The Layton Triathlon...Zeth & Abby

Zeth has been wanting to do a Triathlon for a couple of years. So this year we decided that he would do one in Layton and Russ and I would do the Bountiful one the following week...I wanted to be able to see him run it rather than have him run it with us. His was a little bit different...he started out with the swim, bike and run, but then he had to do it all over again!! It was a "repeat" triathlon. But he did awesome...taking first place in his age group. (There was only two in his age group, but that is something that we don't tell everyone!!) After the "big" race was over they had a kids' version that Abby participated in...she had a blast!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday LYDIA!!! Big 7

Lydia turned 7 on July 1st. She had a really fun day. A Party with her friends, a new bike, Shopping with Grandma, Playing at the Gateway Fountain, Presents, A fun dinner. She had a GREAT day! Happy Birthday Lydia. We love you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Piano Recial

I had my piano recital on June 18th this year. It was one of my best!! I was really excited, my students were all prepared and they all did an amazing job. It was truly a pay day for me and reminded me that I do enjoy teaching and I love my students! Abby did awesome..she worked very hard and was able to memorize a 7 page piece. The other piece that she performed was "Soft Shoe Rag" and that is what she is playing in the video. Lydia still needs to find the "LOVE" for the piano, which I hope will come soon. But she was able to learn two pieces and did great! The video is of her playing "Sugar Cookies"....Enjoy.

Summer FUN for ME !!!

I sure enjoy summer because it is time for the different races. This year it started in May with the Woman of Steel in American Fork. Then on June 6th I went up to Wellsville to ride in the Little Red Riding Hood Bike Ride. Finally June 19th-20th was the RAGNAR. I had a blast at all of them.

WOMEN OF STEEL -- Triathlon



This ride really isn't a race...just a nice bike ride. Rachel and I started from her house and rode down to the park in Wellsville. They had rest stops for us along the way with lunch and treats. The shirts are really cute!!! By the time we got back to Rachel's house we rode just about 70 miles! We couldn't have asked for better weather. I had a great time.


The Ragnar/Wasatch Back was quite the adventure. I decided in November that I would join Rachel's team and started to train. I really had a fun time and have started to really like running. This race consists of a 12 member relay team. You start in Logan and finish in Park City...188 miles. I ran three different legs totally about 12.4 miles. We started at 8:45 Friday morning and finished 33 hours and 50 minutes later! I really had a lot of fun. Thanks TEAM for a great time.

VAN #2....Kim, Angela, Leslie, Rachel, Carlie & Tara...WE ROCK!!!

Carlie and Leslie

Leslie and Rachel